How to Reduce Hydraulic Ram Cylinder Repair Cost?

Published: 01st April 2010
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If you are running a business which mostly depends on hydraulic ram cylinders then it's likely that cylinder repair expenses are a significant portion of your total maintenance costs. According to a study, it is often stated that up to 25% of mechanical equipment failures due to cylinder design. If is often found that one in four hydraulic ram cylinders are not properly designed for the desired application. It doesn't refer that the cylinder won't do the job asked of it, but will less service period. If you are frustrated with the regular maintenance of your hydraulic ram cylinder then you need to address the design issue today itself.

Bent Rods are a common cause of road seal failure. Bending of ram cylinder rods can be caused by inappropriate rod diameter or material strength, or improper cylinder mounting. On bending of rods, excessive load is placed on the road seal resulting in the failure of the seal. It is recommended to check the permissible load for a cylinder by using Euler formula.

If the bearing areas in the gland and at the piston are insufficient to carry the torsional load transferred to the cylinder, excessive load is placed on the road and piston seals. It results in deformation and finally premature failure of the seals.

Do you know that the surface finish of the cylinder rod can have a drastic effect on the life of the rod seal? The roughness of the surface can reduce the life of the sea because of improper lubrication and results in unacceptable level of leakage.

Ballooning of the hydraulic ram cylinder is generally caused by insufficient wall thickness and/or material strength for the cylinder's operating pressure. Once the right tolerance between the piston seal and tube wall is lost, the high velocity fluid can abrade the seal.

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