Different Applications of Hydraulic Jacks

Published: 01st April 2010
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Hydraulic Cylinders and Jacks are most commonly used in heavy engineering and mechanical products which require huge power to run. You can find these hydraulic jacks in all kind of heavy equipments and vehicles such as bulldozers, forklifts, elevators, and excavators etc. These Hydraulic jacks are also found in household equipments as well like door stoppers, cars, bikes, and others etc. It is become evident that these hydraulic jacks provide much functionality in terms of convenience and ease.

In the functioning of a hydraulic jack, the hydraulic cylinder design plays an important role. If you are running a business which involves loading and unloading of heavy parts then you can understand the importance of these hydraulic jacks easily. An efficient hydraulic jack can do a lot of work for you. A simple example of hydraulic jack is your car which employs a hydraulic jack while handling the back door of your car. Today you can find hydraulic brakes even in motorcycles that apply multiple forces to the brake pedal which result in effective breaking. Today, two slave cylinders are used in modern cars and in case one of the hydraulic cylinders fails, the other will take over. This ensures enhanced safety in modern cars.

Hydraulic Jacks are generally used to life heavy loads in industrial processes. These jacks are used to lift cars while replacing the flatten tyres. This type of jack is known as Car Jack, Floor Jack, or Garage Jack. Hydraulic Jacks are also used in cranes to lift heavy loads. Some cranes are equipped with multiple jacks which are meant for extra functionality.

Every company has different requirements so these hydraulic jacks can be used as needed basis. You should always consult an expert while installing these jacks because proper installation of jacks will give you the desired results.

While installing hydraulic jacks one should always consider the requirement and available space. The installation should be such that it doesn't consume much space while fulfill the entire industrial requirement as well.

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