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Published: 04th January 2010
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Paradise Bay has everything you need to make it through the winters in Calgary. They offer a wide selection of hot tubs, hot tub accessories, hot tub service, cedar hot tubs and more. Did you know that your hot tub cover is just as important as any other hot tub feature? A hot tub cover can protect your hot tub cover throughout the year and especially during the cold winter months - shielding it from debris, snow, rain and hail. Hot tub covers are made to insulate, protect and extend the life of your hot tub. Paradise Bay offers Covana Covers - a high-quality hot tub cover that holds ultimate protection and is built to last throughout the seasons.

Covana Covers - Paradise Bay, Calgary hot tub covers and hot tubs

The Covana hot tub cover is functional and beautiful, giving a touch of elegance to your hot tub. This hot tub cover offers ultimate convenience with its remote control features and automatic elevation. With a turn of a key, the hot tub cover will elevate or lower with smooth mobility. The Covana hot tub cover also is beneficial for hot tubs goers in Calgary, because it features a pitched roof which works to shed snow and rain off of the top. For a Calgary winter, that means more hot tub time and less worry!

This hot tub cover slows down wear and tear substantially with its easy open and close mechanism. It securely locks in place automatically with a motorized switch, preventing children from gaining access. The Covana hot tub cover can also hold up to 600 pounds when it's in its lowered state.

You can also save money on your energy bill with the Covana hot tub cover side curtains. These side curtains work to reduce water loss and increase insulation throughout the hot tub. That means you get more of your hot tub and added savings each time you it. The Covana hot tub cover also protects your hot tub from harmful UV rays, high winds, heavy snow and rainfall.

Paradise Bay - hot tubs, hot tub covers, saunas in Calgary

If you need a hot tub cover this winter, visit Paradise Bay in Calgary. They offer hot tubs, hot tub service, hot tub covers, saunas, steam showers and more. They also feature Covana hot tub covers for additional protection for your hot tub. Visit online at: or visit their Calgary showroom.

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